Wealth equals freedom

But wealth also presents challenges. Making the right decisions is critical to protecting and enhancing your wealth. You need a trusted advisor to show you the way.

A unique wealth advisory experience

You want to address your wealth with ease and confidence.
The Stonegate experience allows you this luxury, with four key differences that set us apart.



Simplifying your life

With Stonegate, your life becomes simpler. All of your wealth management needs can be addressed through a single point of contact.



In touch with your needs

We cater to a smaller number of clients, which allows us to become more deeply involved. We provide more than advice… we walk with you every step of the way.



Rock solid discipline

It’s not easy to be disciplined. Without a plan, most people make decisions based on fear and uncertainty. We support you with professional counsel to keep you on track with your goals.



Accountable to you

At Stonegate, you meet face-to-face with your advisor for a level of accountability that is second to none.

Stonegate team - your trusted guides

Imagine trying to navigate a vast barren landscape without a compass. The native Inuit people built massive stone figures called Inukshuks as guideposts to help them traverse the Canadian arctic. Symbols of leadership and cooperation, these enduring monuments were left by experienced travellers who knew the way, making the path safer and easier for everyone who followed.

At Stonegate, we use our experience to help you navigate life's journey, achieve your goals and enjoy financial peace of mind.

Showing you the way

We have all heard the old adage: wealth equals freedom. But wealth also presents challenges. Making the right decisions is critical to protecting and enhancing your wealth. You need a trusted advisor to show you the way.

Stonegate Private Counsel, a division of CI Private Counsel LP, is comprised of highly experienced and accredited wealth management specialists who provide a unique wealth advisory experience for some of Canada’s wealthiest individuals and families.

At Stonegate, we work closely with you to understand your unique needs, concerns and priorities. We listen to your goals and aspirations for your lifetime and beyond. Then, we create a plan to take you where you want to go, and walk with you every step of the way.

We invite you to experience service beyond your expectations. Enjoy the simplicity of a coordinated approach that integrates all aspects of your financial well-being, and have confidence knowing your affairs are in good hands.


Inukshuk - A Trusted Guide


Inukshuks are magnificent stone landmarks built by the Inuit people to guide travellers through the Canadian arctic. Like the Inukshuk, your Stonegate advisor can point the way for a safe journey through life’s travels.

Planning: The foundation of your success


At Stonegate, we take you step-by-step through all the major decisions regarding your wealth and investments. Our consistent process begins with an Investor Profile Questionnaire that helps us truly understand your needs, concerns, priorities, goals and aspirations. Then, we create your personalized wealth plan and Investment Policy Statement which detail integrated strategies for your investments, retirement, taxes, insurance and estate. Our advisors are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of in-house experts: investment analysts, lawyers, accountants, estate and insurance specialists – a depth of resources that is second to none. We work together with your legal and accounting professionals, to access their ideas and insights, and to coordinate timely implementation of the plan with precise results.

This disciplined approach is the foundation for your success.

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